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Jessica delivers party-perfect nails for the festive season ahead

Dare to go to the dark side with Jessica’s Into The Wild Gift Set
Sumptuous new crème animal-print inspired shades, presented in a dazzling snake skin cosmetics bag. Includes two Custom Colours (0.25oz) and Brilliance Top Coat (0.25oz)

Available in The Luring Beauty (gold bag includes The Luring Beauty, Brilliance and Fruit of Temptation), Enter if You Dare (bronze bag includes Enter if You Dare, Brilliance, and Snake Pit) and Mysterious Echoes (silver bag includes Mysterious Echoes, Brilliance and Snake Pit).

Colour & Care
The perfection combination for beautiful natural nails. This perfect gift set includes a vitamin-enriched midi Jessica Custom nail colour and midi Nourish cuticle cream. Massage and nourish into cuticles daily to keep skin soft and encourage healthy nail growth.
Available in 4 shades: Winter Berries, Intrigue, Passionate Kisses and Snake Pit.

A Very Vinylux Xmas to you!!

Ensure your clients’ friends and family enjoy a very Vinylux Christmas with this nifty gifting essential from CND™.


This limited edition Christmas set includes the perfect base for Vinylux, RidgeFX™, two seasonal Vinylux shades and a Vinylux Weekly Top Coat offering the lucky recipient flawless week long lasting results.

The special holiday pack comes in two Vinylux colour options (Field Fox and Tartan Punk or Oxblood and Brass Button) and can be made up in salon (self-assembly is required).

Organic skincare brand Eminence 2016 Holiday Gift Sets

Éminence Organic Skin Care introduces two new limited edition luxury gift sets that are sure to be at the top of everyone’s ‘must have’ lists this holiday season.

Experience the beauty of Éminence oils and serums in a carefully curated set of five classic and premium oils and serums assembled in a beautiful keepsake box. The Oils & Serums Signature Series Discovery Set is suitable for all skin types and will add a touch of luxury to any skincare routine.

The Gift Set features:
• Rosehip Triple C + E Firming Oil: 1 x 0.17 oz / 5 ml
• Citrus & Kale Potent C+E Serum: 1 x 0.17 oz / 5 ml
• Facial Recovery Oil: 1 x 0.17 oz / 5 ml
• Stone Crop Serum: 1 x 0.17 oz / 5 ml
• Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum: 1 x 0.17 oz / 5 ml

Indulge in the ultimate moisturizing duo with the Age Corrective Day & Night Body Duo. The Coconut Firming Body Lotion provides deep, lasting hydration during the day and the Monoi Age Corrective Night Body Cream replenishes skin’s moisture while you sleep. With this combination, skin appears denser, firmer and smoother from head-to-toe.

The Gift Set features:
• Coconut Firming Body Lotion: 1 x 4 oz / 120 ml
• Monoi Age Corrective Night Body Cream: 1 x 4 oz / 120 ml

Eminence Organic Skin Care products are exclusively distributed in the UAE and Middle East region by Beautylicious. Beautylicious represents brands that are globally inspired, innovative, unique, revolutionary, eclectic, contemporary, stylish, and most importantly, results-oriented. Beautylicious officially began its Dubai operations in 2006 with a vision to provide beauty establishments with luxury, high-end professional and retail brands.

‘Tis the season to be jolly with Alessandro’s Xmas Special Hand Cream

Alessandro International, the German pioneer in the beauty industry bringing quality in beauty and cosmetics, introduces its delightful Christmas Edition Hand Cream.

Known for brilliance in skin and nailcare, Alessandro now presents its 2016 Xmas Hand cream in three different sizes with an exceptional scent of liqueur-like bitter almond, gossamer of tonka bean and deep and velvety vanilla, combined with deeply moisturizing properties.

The Xmas Cream is available for…
30ml –AED 30
50ml – AED 55
200 ml- AED 230

Available at Enigma Beauty Group and leading beauty salons across the UAE.

Alessandro International has at its disposal, a comprehensive product range that covers all facets of modern nail design and moisturizers that meet the highest quality requirements. With more than 20 years’ experience in the nailcare industry, a high degree of expertise is mirrored daily in new product ideas and methods of application.

One Step Beyond – the face of Footlogix



Nails®, The Modern Manicure Studio, has been polishing ladies in the capital since 2003. In May 2016, it was the first nail expert to exclusively launch the Footlogix Medi-Spa Pedicure in the United Arab Emirates.
Nails® is well known for its quality and impeccable service and so, integrating Footlogix pedicure into its service menu has served as an added value that’s proved successful in attracting a tremendous number of clients.
Footlogix is the world’s first and only Pediceutical Mousse footcare line – made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Scientifically formulated, Footlogix’s unique groundbreaking dermal infusion technology enables active ingredients to penetrate faster and deeper into the troubled skin of the feet. With results seen in a mere few days, from curing simple dryness to addressing more severe conditions resulting from diabetes, Footlogix has been clinically proven to perform.
Due to the dry climate and hard-working lifestyle in Abu Dhabi, Nails® has witnessed a high demand for the Dry Skin, Anti- Fungal and Cracked Heel Formulas.
As societies grow with changing lifestyles and demographic landscapes, the demand for pedicure services has grown and changed along with it. Nowadays there is a much greater need for pedicures with advanced training as the market continues to grow. “Manicures and Pedicures have become a lifestyle, they are not something that’s just for a special occasion anymore,” reveals a spokesperson at Nails®.
Nails®, The Modern Manicure Studio, offers its services and treatments in five accessible branches across Abu Dhabi: Al Muhairy Center, Abu Dhabi Mall, Nation Towers Galleria Qaryat Al Beri and Dalma Mall.

Nails® at 02 885 6100
Footlogix treatments & products from

Layout 1

يقوم ‘ذي مودرن مانيكيور ستديو‘، نايلز بطلاء أظافر النساء في العاصمة منذ العام 2003. في شهر أيار – ماي 2016، كان مكان العناية بالأظافر الأول و الحصري الذي يقوم بإطلاق خدمة ‪Footlogix Medi-Spa Pedicure ‬ في الإمارات العربية المتحدة.‬
إن نايلز معروف بتقديمه للجودة و الخدمة اللتان لا مثيل لهما، لذا إن إدخال منتجات فوتلوجكس للعناية بالقدمين على لائحة خدماته كان بمثابة إضافة جيّدة ساعدت على جذب الكثير من العملاء.
فوتلوجكس هي العلامة التجارية الأولى في العالم تقوم بإطلاق خط منتجات للعناية بالقدمين ذات تركيبة الرغوة (الموس) مصنوعة من مكوّنات صيدلانية. تمّ تركيب مستحضرات فوتلوجكس علمياً، فالتكنولوجيا الفريدة التي تتمتّع بها تسمح للمكوّنات الناشطة أن تترسّخ أعمق و أسرع في البشرة المضطربة عند القدمين. مع ظهور نتائج فعّالة خلال أيام قليلة، و القدرة على معالجة مشاكل الجفاف البسيطة و الظروف الأكثر صعوبة الناجمة عن الداء السكري، أثبتت مستحضرات فوتلوجكس أدائها عيادياً.
بسبب الطقس الجاف المسيطر على مدينة أبو ظبي و أسلوب الحياة الصعب، شهد نايلز طلباً كبيراً على المستحضرات ذات التركيبة المضادة للبشرة الجافة و الفطريات و الكعوب المتشققة.
بفضل تطوّر المجتمعات و تغيّر أساليب الحياة و التوزع المناطقي، تزايد الطلب على خدمات العناية بالقدمين (البديكيور) و تغيّرت معها. أصبحت الحاجة أكبر لخدمة البديكيور المتطوّرة بأفضل أنواع التدريب حيث أن السوق يستمر بالنمو. يقول متحدّث بإسم نايلز: "أصبحت خدمات العناية بالأظافر المنيكيور و البديكيور كأساليب حياة، لم تعد حاجة ملحة فقط في المناسبات."
يقدّم ذي مودرن مانيكيور ستديو‘، نايلز خدماته و علاجاته في خمسة فروع في أبو ظبي: مركز المهيري و أبو ظبي مول و نايشن تاورز غاليريا و قرية البري و دلما مول.

Results Promised with new Eminence range of Botanicals

The Eminence VitaSkin Targeted Treatments take aim at specific skin concerns with a potent blend of botanicals. Designed to complement an existing VitaSkin routine, at home and in the spa, the VitaSkin Targeted Treatments are suitable for all skin types and offer an enhanced level of natural intensive treatment for dark spots, acne and the signs of ageing. The treatments provide a concentrated dose of vitamin-rich organics for precise application that delivers dramatic results, right where needed.
The price range for treatments is around AED 315 and available at leading luxury spas and salons in the UAE.

تهدف مستحضرات ‪VitaSkin Targeted Treatments‬ من العلامة التجارية ‪Eminence‬ إلى العمل على مشاكل معينة للبشرة عبر خليطها القوي من المستخلصات النباتية. صُمِّمَت لإكمال روتين ‪VitaSkin‬ المنزلي و في المنتجعات، يتناسب خط ‪VitaSkin Targeted Treatments‬ مع جميع انواع البشرة و يقدّم مستوى متقدّم من العلاج الطبيعي المكثّف للنقاط السوداء و البثور و علامات الشيخوخة. تقدّم العلاجات كميّة مكثّفة من المواد العضوية الغنيّة بالفيتامينات لتطبيق دقيق و الحصول على نتائج تحتاجين إليها.‬‬‬‬


Give clients great festive ideas for stocking fillers, family & friends with the holiday product bundles from OW Trading.

Or simply stock up your shelves with these holiday offers – available until 31st December 2016.

Professional salon products for nails & footcare - for salon retail & use in professional treatments - on offer this month from OW Trading in the UAE.

- Buy 2 of the IBX Duo Pack (cost: 610AED) and get 1 FREE Dadi’ Oil 72ml (worth: 85AED)

- Buy 1 Footlogix display rack containing 18-pieces (cost: 995AED) and get 1 FREE stand of Dadi' Oil containing 8-pieces 15ml + 12 mini bottles (worth: 424AED)


- Buy 1 full Dadi' Oil display stand containing 8-pieces 15ml + 12 mini (cost: 424AED) and get for 2-pieces 15ml +12 mini bottles FREE (worth: 196AED).




- Buy 12 Footlogix Very Dry Skin Formula 300ML (cost: 750AED) and get 12 FREE mini Dadi' Oil (worth: 120AED).

CONTACT OW TRADING on +971 4 295 8100 / 528 5050 52

Email / visit


Celebrate this UAE National Day 2016 with Kinetics nail colors


Kinetics introduces it’s the Solar Gel Professional polishes and top coat to get the perfect manicure for the season. The Solar Gel Professional varnishes offer maximum protection with a gel-like shine and finish that lasts 10 days, while keeping the application so simple it doesn’t need a UV lamp.
Just apply two thin coats for the perfect finish in two minutes. Available in over 250 colors, try Victory, Russian Green, Beginnings and Jet Black for that perfect patriotic glam looks this national day.
Price: AED 30 each
Founded on the philosophy of creating fashionable nail cosmetics, Kinetics was established by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs, John Manzione and Andzejs Stencavs. Over 10 years of continuous improvement, Kinetics has developed a fashionable nail product line that is the most comprehensive on the market. Designed by and for professionals, every item in the Kinetics line reflects two ambitious goals: impeccable quality and outstanding design.