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Leading hijabi blogger and uprising beauty and fashion guru Wafa Yahya of the popular style blog Wafa's Diary emphasizes the importance of staying healthy and keeping skin glowing during Ramadan.

“It's certainly possible to keep skin and body healthy during Ramadan, whether you're fasting or not. It's our duty to ourselves and our environment to have a clean body and mind at all times,” says Wafa Yahya.When the skin and body are nourished, we tend to be more productive in our work and we become more joyful in our relationships and interaction with other people," Wafa adds.

"I've listed 7-easy steps below on how to stay well and glowing during this holy month. These steps can be easily summed up with an acronym of R.A.M.A.D.A.N."


1) Rehydrate

If you're fasting for many hours like I do, it's advisable to drink more water than your usual habit. Water doesn't just refresh the body from the inside, but also cleanses and helps remove the toxins in your body. The skin also benefits from water as it's scientifically proven that hydrated skin is nourished skin.

2) Activate

Ramadan should not be an excuse for you to become lazy and forget about exercise, you can definitely do some before you sleep or when you wake up in the morning. Two to three hours after Iftar, you can indulge in some stretching, run on a treadmill or even jog around the home with family or friends. It's your responsibility to have an active lifestyle as part of a daily habit. You can start with little exercise and increase gradually.

3) Meditate
Mediation is sometimes mistaken for exercise but it's a completely different thing.From the old French word ‘meditacion', it literally means thought or reflection. To meditate for even 10-15 minutes a day is healthy for the body, mind and soul.
Try to assimilate silence and cherish that moment every day.You can say a prayer and thank God for all the blessings that we have. You will definitely feel much better afterwards. Do not forget that real beauty originates from the inside out - starting with a beautiful mind.

4) Analyze your food

You don't need to count calories or scrutinize the pH scale of water (although it helps sometimes), most of the time you just need to use common sense.
Stop eating junk food or limit it to once or twice a month, indulging in French fries filled with salt and many chemicals you can't even pronounce or donuts and artificial juices drowning in sugar, will never give you beautiful skin. Too much salt can cause high blood pressure and excessive sugar is the cause of many diseases, such as diabetes. Care for your body and it will take care of you.

5) Detoxify
Instead of buying boxed artificial juices from the grocery, replace with nutritious fresh juice. You can do your own by mixing your favorite fruits, blend and shake them up and enjoy at home, especially after exercise. It's cheap, very healthy and will help detoxify the body. You can also replace junk food with almonds, spinach, carrots and green leafy veggies as snacks. Fruits and vegetables detoxify your body and are a more natural choice than any medicine or capsules sold in the pharmacy.

6) Armored with a smile

Smiling is free and it's proven to change a bad morning into a glorious one.As you smile, you're actually exercising muscles in the face that will help wrinkles disappear.
Be kind, some people may be facing a hard battle and they just need to walk into your ray of sunshine to feel how contagious happiness can be. Be a radiant fairy and grant everybody the gift of positivity through your smile and your feel good factor. Remember that when you smile, you have the power to break the ice.

7) Nap and sleep

It sounds so simple yet having ample sleep is often taken for granted. The right amount of sleep will improve memory, concentration and immunity. It will also make you glow naturally as you feel re-energized and recharged. Many offices during Ramadan have shorter timings, so you should you take advantage of this, go home and take a power nap after 5pm and wake up before Iftar.
If you don't have time to nap during the day, be sure to get around 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Always remember that health is wealth and following the above-mentioned steps aka R.A.M.AD.A.N., is the only way to keep that glowing skin, no matter what the season.



-Rania Gamal’s Four Summer Strength Workout That Will Make You Fit In Four Minutes-

Dubai-based fitness guru, model and TV presenter Rania Gamal debunks the usual excuse of people that they have no time to exercise. In celebration with Global Wellness Month, Rania Gamal has prepared 4 simple and basic strength workout training that can help you achieve a fit and healthy body in just 4 minutes.

“I have always been an advocate of fitness and wellness and my greatest happiness is to inspire and help other reach their dreams of having a sexy and fit body that will give them more confidence and will promote a better, healthy lifestyle,” says Rania Gamal.

Please see below 4 easy exercises that anyone can do at home or in the gym for just 4 minutes each with the effects that it can give to you, plus tips that will help you achieve your dream summer body.

1. Warm Up is Really Cool

1 WARM UP copy

Description: Warming up can involve static and dynamic stretching, whether which one of the two will suit you better, this is an imperative activity to prepare your body for hard work. Warm up literally means warming up your body as cold muscles are more prone to injury. It also prepares your nervous system and your muscles, it increases the delivery of blood and oxygen, and it will help you focus your mind on your performance.

How to do it: You can start with some neck rotations, side arm raises, hip rotation, arm rotation, single hip rotations and you can also run on the treadmill if you are in the gym while stretching your arms on the side and then on top of your head while you are running, just be a little bit extra careful not to fall.
Tip: You can also try to do some light kicks and punches and if you prefer to do simple stretching, you can opt to hold a lightweight dumbbell.

Rep: You can keep it in minimum of 4 minutes and longer if you have more time.

2. Balancing Deadlift Will Make You Alive

Description: This will strengthen your gluteus, will support and strengthen the core muscles of your body and will provide movement and support to your core area and abdominal muscles too.

How to do it: Stand with your two feet, keep them together first and then slightly bend your knee while holding dumbbells, balance your right leg and hang on from your hips as you need to keep your spine naturally straight and extend a leg up behind hip. Row dumbbells up by sides, bending elbows behind your body. Try to gently lower dumbbells back down and recur to the beginning. Repeat on the other leg.

Tip: Try to hold and brace the abs in tight to help with the right balancing. The best way to do it is to start with a lower kg of dumbbells and gradually increase weight.

Reps: 15-20

3. Arm Kick Back Exercise Will Make You Look Forward

Description: Who doesn’t want to wear sleeveless during summer or in the beach but sometimes you are shy to show that huge arms and you’re not even a boxer. You can tone it down by regularly doing the Arm Kick Back, be patient and you’ll surely see the results in no time. This will tone your arms and make it slim.

How to do it: While standing, hold a weight in one hand and bend the opposite knee, leaning forward at a 45 degree angle. Keep your elbow close to your body and full contract your tricep. The only movement should occur between your elbow and your fingertip.

Tip: This is only 4 minutes but again if you have more time than that, you can pair it up and add it up with other exercise such as ‘quadruped kickback’ by doing a dog style position with your hands on top of the dumbbells, bend right elbow by side and lift left knee a few inches off the floor then do a triceps kickback with right arm by extending elbow as left leg extends just right behind your hips.

Rep: 12-20

4. Side Plank Will Make You The Centre of Attention

4 side plank copy
Description: Planking is one of the best exercises for abs, it will help you build deep inner core muscles that will set down the spadework for achieving that six-pack dream. You have to remember that as your abdominal muscles becomes stronger your mid-section will tighten.

How to do it: Lie on left side with left hand on the floor beneath left shoulder, right fingers should be behind your head, let inside of your right foot rest on floor in front of left foot. Tighten abs, push it into left hand to lift your body so it forms a diagonal line from head to heels, for extra challenge, use a little weight.

Tip: The side plank is good for the abs but it will not give you abs and let us make this as clear and simple as possible, we all have abs, it is all there inside of us but it is covered with fats. For women, to achieve the 6-pack abs - your body should just be composed of 9% fat, for men, it has to be 6% fat. A good diet and nutrition should always be a partner of these exercises.

Reps: 12-15

Instagram @rania_gamal

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