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Beautyworld Middle East 2016 comes attracted 37,553 visitors from 135 countries

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Beautyworld Middle East 2016 afforded record exhibitor and visitor participation underscoring the glowing Middle East and African market for beauty and personal care. Fadi provoc

The 21st edition of the region’s largest international beauty and wellness trade show featured 1,530 exhibitors from 60 countries, and attracted 37,553 visitors from 135 countries.

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The massive 26% year-on-year jump in visitors and 9% increase in exhibition space comes as the Middle East and Africa (MEA) forges ahead as the world’s fastest growing market for fragrances, haircare, color cosmetics, skincare, men’s grooming, spa and wellness.

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Valued at US$25.4 billion in 2015, the MEA’s beauty and personal care market is estimated to grow 6.4% over the next five years according to analyst Euromonitor, reaching US$34.7 billion by 2020.

The impressive growth helps explain the buzz of activity right up to the last minute at the three-day Beautyworld Middle East event, before the doors finally closed on 17 May 2016 at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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Beautyworld Middle East 2016 has been hugely successful, drawing in a record number of visitors to meet new suppliers, experience new products, and draw inspiration from the latest trends and innovations that are rocking the global beauty and wellness market,” says Ahmed Pauwels, CEO of the show’s organiser Messe Frankfurt Middle East. “There’s no other place in the world where there’s such a diverse mix of exhibitors and visitors, all under one roof, at one time.”
The international flavour of Beautyworld Middle East 2016 was underlined by 22 country pavilions, including a Brazilian pavilion of 25 companies that expect to generate more than US$13 million worth of business as a direct result of exhibiting at the show.

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Cosmetics & Skincare is the largest section at Beautyworld Middle East, and featured more than 600 exhibitors in 2016, including L’Oréal, one of the world’s largest cosmetics companies. The French powerhouse was a debut exhibitor, showcasing its NYX Professional Make-up range.


Mohammed Bouarib, product manager for the NYX Consumer Product Division at L’Oréal Middle East, said the popularity of NYX coincided with the rise of digital throughout the Gulf region: “We work with a lot of bloggers, and this is something very fundamental for NYX,” said Bouarib.

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“The NYXArabia Instagram account, which launched in August last year, has 365,000 followers, and the bloggers we work with have a potential reach of between 8-10 million followers. Consumers in the Middle East are big fans of make-up and they have huge potential with bloggers. NYX enables everyone to be their own make-up artist.”
Spanning 53,000sqm, Beautyworld Middle East 2016 featured eight special events, more than 60 product launches, and a two-day Business and Beauty Summit.


Other debut features included Quintessence – the art of perfume, where 10 hand-picked niche perfumes were on display; a Trend Forum sharing the latest beauty packaging and consumer trends; and the Wall of Beauty, presenting a photo collage of stunning works from the region’s talented hair, nail, and make-up professionals.

The 22nd edition of Beautyworld Middle East returns on 14-16 May 2017 at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.


طيف الإمارات للعطور – الاسم الرائد في عالم العطور – تعلن مشاركتها بفعالية التوعية الصحية و التي تم تنظيمها من قبل “نوتريما للإعلان ” وذلك بفندق روتانا بيتش أبوظبي.

وفي إطار هذا الفعالية تم اطلاق مجموعة قوس قزح ، وصرح مدير عام الشركة السيد / هيثم عبد الباقي بأن هذه الفعالية تعتبر فرصة لتقديم مجموعة قوس قزح لموسم صيف 2016 ، وعبر عن فرحته باحتفال الشركة بمرور عشر سنوات علي تأسيسها تزامناً مع هذه الفعالية.

وبحضور الفنانة اللبنانية "أمل حجازي" قامت شركة " طيف الإمارات للعطور" بتوزيع الهدايا على الحضور.

كما أعلن خلال الحفل مدير عام الشركة عن انطلاق حملته الإعلانية بالتعاون مع الفنانة اللبنانية "نورهان" وملك جمال القارات " عدنان ديراني


حول "طيف الإمارات للعطور "
‏"طيف الإمارات للعطور"‏ هي محترفٌ سبّاق لأرقى أنواع العطور في المنطقة، منذ العام 2007، يبتكر ويشرف على العطور المصنوعة يدوياً والفريدة من نوعها بالفعل. متسلحين بشغفهم بالعطور الفريدة، ابتكر خبراء ‏"طيف الإمارات للعطور"‏ عطوراً بديعة تسحر الألباب بجمالها وروعتها. كما تشتهر ‏"طيف الإمارات للعطور"‏ بروائحها العربية الأصيلة، وبابتكار عطورٍ لا منافس لها، من الورود والعود النادر التلقيدية والحيوية في الوقت نفسه. والتزاماً بمهمتها في التوسع محلياً وإقليمياً وعالمياً في أسواق الجمال والأزياء، تواصل ‏"طيف الإمارات للعطور"‏ ابتكار العطور التي تناسب الرجال والنساء، أياّ تكن طبيعة حياتهم. زوروا بوتيك ‏"طيف الإمارات للعطور"‏ بالقرب منكم، في دبي: مردف سيتي سنتر، ديره سيتي سنتر، الغرير سنتر، دبي فستيفال سيتي، سوق التنين، دبي أوتلت مول، جميرا سنتر، والعربي سنتر.. وفي أبوظبي: مارينا مول، دلما مول 1، والوحدة مول.. وفي عُمان: غراند مول مسقط، سيتي سنتر مسقط، والقرم سيتي سنتر.



Taif Al-Emarat Perfumes participates in The Women’s Show

Taif Al-Emarat Perfumes, a well-established name in the world of perfume ateliery, participates as co-sponsor of one of the most revered events - The Women’s Show. The brand’s participation highlights Taif Al-Emarat’s continuous efforts to empower women.


Dedicating its continuous support of the modern woman, Taif al Emarat introduced its luxurious range at the Beach Rotana, Abu Dhabi.
The focus of the event was on three themes; food, fitness and beauty, with discussion points on the health and welfare of women in the region.

During this exhibition, a wide variety of perfumes and concoctions were inaugurated to celebrate the many colors and beauty of women. Taif al Emarat conducted contests for the audience of key influencers, bloggers, media and the general public, lending an air of laughter and joy to the entire affair. The show was graced by the presence of celebrated Lebanese Singer, Ms. Amal Hijazi, who sang for the audiences and made the experience complete.


Taif al Emarat Perfumes also inaugurated its new advertising campaign in collaboration with the acclaimed Lebanese singer, Nourhanne and the king of beauty and charisma, Adnan Al-Dirani.
Celebrate womanhood with Taif al Emarat’s decadent range of fragrances.



Paris Gallery Opens first store in the Sultanate of Oman

In the presence of His Excellency Sayyed Saud Bin Hilal Bin Hamad Al Busaidi, Minister of State and Governor of Muscat, Mr. Mohammed Abdul Rahim Al Fahim, CEO of Paris Gallery Group of Companies, and Mr. Salim Bin Abdullah Al Rawas, Chairman of Oman Luxury LLC, VIP guests and valued members of the media in…
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Beauty World Middle East opens on Sunday…

beautyworldME orly
Eternally flawless and constantly reinventing itself, Beautyworld Middle East is the wider region’s premier trade and networking event for beauty, hair, fragrance, machinery, packaging, raw materials, and wellbeing.

The 21st edition of this three-day event takes place 15-17 May 2016 at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, featuring more than 1,500 exhibitors from 60 countries. Beautyworld Middle East’s influence has spread not only across the Middle East and Africa plus the Indian subcontinent, but has gone well beyond, offering thousands of influential trade buyers the latest beauty trends and exciting new opportunities for their businesses.

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A packed schedule of workshops, conferences, competitions, and educational features means this is also the most valued-added edition of Beautyworld Middle East, making it the must-attend annual showcase of the professional beauty industry.

See you there…

Are you capitalizing on the hottest beauty trend – nail services?

Jane Arnold, style director and co-founder of CND speaks out…
There’s no question that becoming a nail professional is a great career choice. It offers flexibility and the choice of committing to one location, renting salon space, opening your own salon or going mobile to meet consumer demand.

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Nail pros are finding their fame. Over 90% are actively engaged in social media and sharing their work with the world. Reality TV shows and digital nail competition platforms are shining a spotlight on the best of the best more than ever.
Nail pros are also going global to find their fortunes. The consumer demand for excellent nail services exceeds the number of nail pros, so they are often choosing to go where the jobs are and where their spirit takes them!


Nails can be high income

Each time a new technology hits the industry, it drives service quality up, along with efficiency and convenience for the consumer. New technology must drive service pricing up as well. The latest stats reveal that nail service prices haven’t kept pace with inflation and certainly haven’t kept up with technology. Perhaps the extreme disparity between the high-end and budget salons has lowered the bar overall, but it’s time for you to charge what you’re worth.

If you invest in continual education and use quality systems, you will make more money. Why? No guesswork, no breakdown, and a premium clientele willing to pay more. It’s easy to charge what you’re worth when you know you’re worth a lot! It’s time to believe our category is hot and worth attention from consumers. Now is the time to put into practice a premium strategy that assures your professional financial growth.

Make the most of this rocket ride with the following tips:
• Subscribe to premium systems to guarantee results. Don’t buy into copycat or counterfeit products that will fail you or cherry-pick products that don’t work together.
• Regularly invest in quality education to set yourself apart.
• Promote yourself actively through social media.
• Stand for the best with superior salon services. Go the extra mile to demonstrate your commitment to total client satisfaction.
• Price your services at a level that reflects your excellence. Don’t look left or right. Look inside and know what you’re worth.

Nail treatments are the hottest services on the beauty menu. Make the most of them!

2016 promises exciting launches from Provoc

Make-up brand, Provoc, made an official appearance as an exhibitor at Cosmoprof in Bologna, Italy on 18-21 March 2016.
“It’s always pleasing to see the public engage with your ideas and like what they see,” remarks founder of Provoc, Fadi Sawaya. “At Bologna, Provoc revealed its new style for the coming season and presented the polished persona of its new pencil and lash displays that configure a more gallery-like feature rather than the usual display stands. What was most interesting for visitors when investing in the Provoc system, was that the display we offer is based on a modular structure that can be manifested in various forms from counter, wall or floor displays. Customers now have the choice and flexibility to showcase and present the products according to their setting and convenience.”
With so much interest in this brand, it’s only right that momentum builds and therefore it promises more product releases to come for 2016. Contouring palettes, foundations and mascara, will all be launched; all with a hint of ‘provocation’! “All Provoc products are based on distinction, high quality and what people look for in the market, so, if you’re starting to wonder what the new releases are going to be like; think big,” enthuses Fadi Sawaya.



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The Nouveau Lashes brand is now available in the GCC region from Blissology Beauty, a professional beauty supplier based in Dubai, UAE.

Nouveau Lashes is renowned for its pioneering work within the lash industry, including its semi-permanent individual eyelash extension system and revolutionary LVL Enhance, lash lifting, volumizing and lengthening treatment and is committed to providing first-class, professional training through its academies.
Whether you want to enhance natural eyelashes with the revolutionary LVL Enhance treatment, create a custom Express look for a special occasion or Extend with the ultimate in individual extensions, Nouveau Lashes has the perfect solution to make dream lashes a reality.

Get your sample Dadi’ Oil from OW Trading today

Dadi' Oil is a nail & skin treatment oil designed to deliver flexibility, toughness, and shine to the natural nail, nail enhancement and the skin! Dadi' Oil penetrates quickly and leaves no greasy after-feel. Dadi' Oil combines three certified organic oils - avocado, olive and jojoba - to plasticize, moisturize, and soften. It also houses natural vitamin E, which is a powerful anti-oxidant. Plus, it’s created with an aromatic blend of 21 essential oils so it smells fresh, is therapeutic and rejuvenating too!
It makes a huge difference if your nails are in need of some love and attention.

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To get your hands on a little bottle of this liquid gold - email your contact details to and the team will send it out to you.