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ORLY STORMS the runway for Sibling London FASHION WEEK

Sabrina Gayle headed up the nail team for the Sibling London showcase at London Fashion Week, using Orly shades to create looks to complement the collection.
“Sibling London’s SS16 collection took inspiration from one of the oldest luxury tobacco brands in the world – Sobranie of London Cocktail Cigarettes – and we looked at the fun and glamour represented by this brand and replicated it by creating the Gilded French manicure,” Sabrina comments.



“To create this look, we used the two-step hybrid Orly Epix system; ideal for backstage at fashion week as due to its fast drying time and smudge-fixing technology, nails are not affected by outfit changes.”


Cinnatize is a nail surface sanitizer powered by natural cinnamon leaf extract – legendary for its ability to fight surface bacteria.
Nail pros are invited to saturate a lint-free pad with Cinnatize and scrub the nail plate and surrounding soft tissues thoroughly using firm pressure prior to applying other nail coatings.


“We are over the moon to be releasing Cinnatize onto the market this September,” says Jim Nordstrom of creator Famous Names in the USA. “Cinnatize is bringing back the best in quality to nail sanitizers. With a product you use in absolutely every service, you deserve to have the very best. And wait until you smell it. Our testers kept begging us for more – they didn’t want to go back to what they used before!”


A hotly anticipated addition to Marquee’s extensive screenplay of KEVIN.MURPHY treatments - TREAT.ME gives an added injection of deep conditioning, nourishment and shine with long lasting results in just 15 minutes!

The foundation for the KEVIN.MURPHY TREAT.ME range is skincare for the hair. Designed for a professional in-salon experience, the TREAT.ME range contains full strength treatments that use the best of nature and technology with skincare technology.



Women’s hair does not respond to a generic ‘one size fits all’ approach to treatments and masques. The idea of a basic masque is very nonspecific, nor does it target any hair issues in particular. After researching and testing a myriad of ingredients, KEVIN.MURPHY found that a serum type treatment, like the one found in skincare, could be very effective due to the high concentration of active ingredients.
“I used an all-vegetable and plant protein system with over 26 amino acids alone coming from plants. These plant “Super Proteins” are very close to the hair’s structure; therefore they penetrate easily, the results on the hair show that vegetable and plant proteins strengthen the hair shaft by depositing themselves in the gaps created by heat styling and chemical services, making the surface more elastic and smoother.”

Marquee’s hair masters apply the treatment masque, followed by an invigorating head massage to stimulate the scalp. The client is then sat under a moisture mist machine for approximately 20 minutes. The steam produced from the machine opens up the hair cuticle allowing the treatment to penetrate deep into the hair shaft. Once the treatment has finished the steamer closes the hair cuticle by blowing out cold steam onto the hair.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so let’s be in the pink! Paint your nails with “Tickled Pink” from Xtreme Wear, the perfect pink to show your support to this cause and raise awareness among your loved ones!

سالي هانسن تحتفل بشهر التوعية بسرطان الثدي

أكتوبر هو شهر التوعية بمخاطر سرطان الثدي، لذلك دعونا نعيش "اللون الوردي"! وقمن بطلاء أظافركنّ بـ"Tickled Pink" من "Xtreme Wear"، فالوردي هو اللون المثالي لإظهار دعمكنّ لهذه القضية ونشر التوعية بين أحبائكنّ!

Buy Sally Hansen at Wojooh and Lifestyle

HAVE you seen the …Techniques Concealer Brush by Sam & Nic?

Techniques Concealer Brush will cover blemishes, camouflage under eye circles, disguise redness and hide pigmentation or sun spots. This brush works to cover small imperfections for a truly flawless finish. The angled cut is also perfect for highlighting key areas of the face like under the eyes or on the side of your nose.
Its angled cut provides precision application to camouflage skin imperfections and create a spotless base for any look.
Use with a liquid or cream concealer or foundation for complete coverage;
apply highlighter over the cheekbones and high points of the face for a healthy glow.

concealer brush
Click on this link to get the brush that draws attention to your best features.
To contour, use the Concealer Brush with a concealer that is a darker color than your foundation/skin tone. Apply product to the tip of the brush and sweep the Concealer Brush down the sides of your nose.
To highlight, use a shade of concealer that is lighter than your foundation/skin tone and apply to the tip of the brush. Starting from between the eyebrows, sweep the Concealer Brush down the length of your nose and softly blend out.

Announcing the new Gelish collection – After Hours

Dark tones and on-trend shades with shimmer are this season’s winter favorites. Be A Little Naughty, go dark and moody with deep plums, wrap up for Sweater Weather with stormy greys, experiment with hue of the moment – Rhythm and Blues or find your inner A-Lister with disco sparkle.


After Hours gelish
Gelish After Hours includes (L-R):

A Little Naughty – Deep Plum
Last Call – Copper Metallic
Give Me Gold – Soft Gold Metallic
Rhythm and Blues – Denim Blue Metallic
Sweater Weather – Charcoal Grey
A-Lister – Soft Silver Metallic

Alterna Haircare presents smoother, softer, frizz-free curls

Bamboo Smooth Anti-Frizz Curl Defining Cream is a frizz-fighting styling product designed to maintain curl and eliminate frizz. This lightweight conditioning formula separates and smooths curls for frizz control and definition. Its non-crunchy, flexible hold leaves curls with a soft, touchable finish. MORE… This product is made with eco-certified bamboo and smoothing kendi oil for…
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CND™ SHELLAC™ & VINYLUX™ weekly polish spinner rack, which holds 24 bottles of CND™ SHELLAC™ or VINYLUX™ with designated shelf inserts.
Display CND™ SHELLAC™ brand 14+ day nail color in style with its sleek wall extension rack that holds 24 bottles. Use it as a companion piece to the larger CND™ SHELLAC™ wall rack or to feature new collections and top sellers.

cnd rack-1

Bio Sculpture Gel launches AW15 Romantic Gothic collection

Autumn/winter will bring a touch of dark Romanticism to nails inspired by the spirit of the rose. A flower that begins its life as a tight bud that opens into a lush bloom and eventually collapses back onto itself in gorgeous decay. The four colors from this collection are inspired by this cycle of birth, beauty and decay.


Gel Group Shadow copy
Rose Bud - This bare nude is an elegant alternative to the dark shades featured heavily throughout the autumn/winter collections.

Beauty of Perfection - This deep rich purple is the base of this love affair, a seductive mulberry.

Wilting Bouquet –A lavish shade of teal both rich and bold in brightness at the same time.

Gorgeous Decay – A glimmer of gold through this pure black is strong while still beautiful in all lights, a classic staple shade.

All colors are available in 4.5g gel and nail varnish.

Misslyn Unveils The Latest Matte Collection For Fall/Winter 2015

If you wore a soft rose on your lips all summer, it’s time to try a bold red, burgundy or deep wine hue for the cooler season ahead.
Ms. Aziza El Banna, GM of Life Cosmetics shares her top trends for winter make-up, “Misslyn has always been bang on trend when it comes to creating the perfect adventurous and glamorous look for the ‘Ber’ months. With the new season, we have a new Matte Collection of exciting lipsticks, lip liners, eyeshadows and gel nail polish, which are a must-try to capture the essence of the Fall/Winter season."
“To create a warm look, try Misslyn’s make-up shades that flatter your skin tone. The warm neutrals eye shadow palette is comprised of neutral shades of rich, warm hues offset by soft, cool undertones giving you the ability to create endless options for a lit-from-within beauty glow. From everyday to evening colors, create a natural or dramatic look with these deep, rich and intense natural colors.”

misslyn polish
يبدأ فصلي الخريف والشتاء رسميًا في دبي، وقد حان الوقت لتبدئي في التفكير في تغيير حقيبة مكياجك استعدادًا للموسم الجديد. ففي الصيف نجد أننا نحافظ على الظهور بإطلالة بسيطة باستخدام الألوان الساطعة على الشفتين، بينما في فترتي الخريف والشتاء نجد أنهما الوقت المثالي لاستخدام ألوان الظلال الداكنة والأكثر ثراءً. وبالتالي إذا كنت تضعين اللون الوردي الرقيق على شفتيك طوال الصيف، فجربي الآن اللون الأحمر الجريء أو الأحمر البرغندي أو الخمري العميق استعدادًا لفصل الشتاء القادم.
ومن خلال شركة لايف كوزميتيكس، تشارك السيدة/ عزيزة البنا المدير العام بأقوى صيحات المكياج لفصل الشتاء. وذلك في إطار ما تعلنه بقولها: "أنه دائمًا ما تتميز شركة ميسلين بابتكارها لصيحات مفعمة بروح المغامرة والسحر تلك التي تلائم الفصول الشتوية، خاصة مع قدوم الموسم الجديد، فإنها تقدم مجموعة جديدة مثيرة Matte Collection من أحمر الشفاه، ومحدد الشفاه، وظلال العيون، وطلاء الأظافر بالجل. وبذلك فإنها تنصحك بتجربة هذه المجموعة لتشعري بروح وجوهر موسمي الخريف والشتاء."

وأضافت قائلة: " أنه لكي تحصلي على إطلالة مثيرة دافئة، جربي ظلال المكياج من ميسلين التي تتناسب مع لون بشرتك. وذلك من خلال مجموعة ألوان ظلال العيون الدافئة المحايدة التي تتناسب مع لون بشرتك الأساسي الباردة الرقيقة، حيث تحتوي على ظلال محايدة لألوان دافئة ثرية، بما يمكنك من تحقيق خيارات لا نهائية لتحصلي على مظهر جميل متألق. كما يمكنك أن تتمتعي بمظهر طبيعي أو بإطلالة مثيرة لافتة للأنظار، مع ألوان تناسب كل الأوقات مع استخدامك للألوان الطبيعية العميقة الثرية والكثيفة."

Time to get fit with Eric Favre Paris Wellness Team

The United Arab Emirates leaves its people so preoccupied that they rarely have time to have a good muscle stretch. And understanding the need to live healthier and fitter, Eric Favre Paris, together with its partners TRX Training Coach and Emirates Golf Club, organized a wellness and fitness event at the prestigious sports and fitness center, Fit Lab.


golf club
Eric Favre, founder of Eric Favre Paris, says, “It’s with much enthusiasm that we, along with our partners, bring an energetic vibe in the region for we aspire to communicate about choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. The UAE wellness industry in the region is said to reach by DH44b this year according to reports. Thus, we are actively engaging in creating awareness in choosing the right product and exercises to promote good health.”
At the event, Eric Favre Paris TRX Training Coach Parveez Mohamed presented an exercise program designed to get maximum results in the minimum amount of time. It’s a perfect mixture of strength training and endurance to tone the lower body along with the glutes. Good thing about this is that no equipment is required. It is a bodyweight-based training suitable for everyone. Moreover, they also reinforced that with the help of the exercise and use of the Push-up buttock sculpting gel, anyone can achieve a firm and shapely bum as trendy as Kim Kardashian or as well-rounded as Jennifer Lopez.
“We are really excited to share this special workout to everyone. Living a healthier lifestyle nowadays is tough because of a lot of things. And so we have prepared a routine that will only take at least 30 minutes so anyone can squeeze it in their schedules, which can be done for about 2/3 times a week and of course use the Push-up buttocks daily / twice a day. In this way, they can achieve their goals to be in shape in a short span of time,” as stated by Eric Favre Paris spokesperson TRX Training Coach, Parveez Mohamed.

OPI Wishes you a happy Saudi National Day

OPI Wishes you a very happy 84th Saudi National Day this 23 September 2015.
What better way to celebrate this National Day then to pop on OPI Jade Is The New Black, a vibrant green and Alpine Snow, a fresh, crisp white, for perfect French tips to complement your Saudi-inspired green nails.