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Scratch magazine UK was founded in May 2003 by Scott Derbyshire and Alex Fox. This bold industry title for nail and beauty professionals promised then, and still continues, to deliver the latest news, products, services, inspiration and skills to nail stylists, artists, technicians, manicurists and pedicurists in an exciting and liberating format.

Born into a rapidly and ever-expanding market, Scratch provides the nail industry with up-to-date information on the latest burning issues, advice and discussion from industry professionals as well being a guide to the products, services and techniques available, all wrapped up in a unique, colorful, fashion-forward style and design format.

Hard hitting, clean, strong, vibrant yet classy, Scratch gets the industry talking and issues addressed. Scratch not only explores expert ideas to get your business off the ground and flying, it also offers inspiration as well as practical, hands-on advice to nail service providers seeking to enhance their skills, customer service and grow their business expertly, efficiently and profitably.

Scratch magazine keeps abreast of industry changes and the people behind them. Its global perspective and network means it can deliver cutting edge information and style ideas as they emerge, meaning its readers are informed of the most exciting innovations as and when they occur.

Whether it’s a technological breakthrough, a new art form, achievement or award Scratch is the voice of the nail nation and will continue to grow its repertoire to reflect current trends and industry action.

In May 2014Scratch introduced its sister publication, Scratch Middle East, a publication speaking to and for the salon industry across the Gulf region, appealing to both beauty professionals and their clients. This title, a first for the Middle East region, is a Prosumer title – as it talks to the nail world as a whole – the salon owner, the manager, the tech, therapist, the client and all her family and friends too.

Scratch Middle East magazine has been born to influence, inspire and inform salon professionals and their clients of the diverse nature of this industry and the many exciting opportunities that exist.

    who reads Scratch Middle East magazine?

    This magazine aims to talk sensitively to the local native community as well as its ever-burgeoning expat population and will be delivered in both English and Arabic in order to appeal to a wider audience.

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    Scratch Middle East is written for an audience that is nail- fascinated. It​'​s directed at those that have chosen nails and beauty as a career, as well as the women that are interested in nail trends, colors, styles and designs from all over the globe. This magazine will educate and inform the salon owner, manager and therapist on upcoming trends yet will also be of much interest to the salon client​, her family and friends,​ who ​are​ looking for a new idea or color for ​their​ nail styling​ - who are looking to be cutting edge and fashion-forward​.​

    The core audience of Scratch bears no relevance to age, as nailcare, be it natural or artificial, color, design or pale & interesting, is a subject of interest to women of all genres,​ backgrounds and demographics.

    Its mission and goal is to inform, inspire, educate and support the ever-growing salon industry in the region by inspiring the professionals working in the salons with information on industry innovations and cutting edge new products and services.